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 Russell Yamanoha boxes his way to health


Boxing can help you get better for other sports.

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Last Updated on Friday, 08 February 2013 10:42

The MEM Mission

Mono E Mono Boxing offers quality products and services to help our clients obtain their goals in fitness, confidence, and self defense.

The MEM Vision

The Vision Of Mono E Mono Boxing is to train one on one with an individual until they obtain their goals.


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Boxing is a sport like any other sport that will get you into shape and increase confidence. The art of boxing is a systematic approach to self defense and perseverance. Anyone that trains hard enough to be noticed will tell you that "BOXING IS AN ADDICTION TO STRENGTH/AGILITY/BALANCE and Overcoming THE STRAIN OF EXERCISE. Like in all martial arts, Pugilism, is another form of self defense - self help -self confidence and overall well being.

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How to Wrap Hands

How to Wrap Hands :: demonstrated by Snooky


The way you eat everyday can have an impact on your daily performance at work and in your social life!

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